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03. Skills Assessment

When you apply for a skilled or employer-sponsored visa such as 482 TSS, 186 ENS, 494, 189/190/491 visas, you must nominate a skilled occupation from the eligible occupation list. In most cases, you must have a full positive skills assessment done for your occupation before you apply for a visa.

We can provide assistance in identifying the correct skilled assessing authority, and guide you through the application and document preparation steps. Each assessing authority has their own requirements as to what documents are required and by when, so an experienced migration agent to guide you through this complex process is vital and essential.

It is important to note that eligibility criteria, fees, processing times and documents required are different depending on which assessing authority you need to apply to and whether you have a relevant educational qualification or not.

Some authorities may require English ability too.

Also, organising right documents in appropriate ways is crucial for successful outcome and it can be very challenging to prepare it yourself. 

We are here to help!

To check assessing authority for your occupation,

please visit our library here

Steps for getting your skills assessed

Cyan Online Ordering Process Flow Chart

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